Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dust by Susan Berliner

4 stars
Source- Review copy through Virtual Book Tours

I would call this a novella. It's a short, quick read. More sci-fi than paranormal, which was what I was thinking it would be from the description.

Really it reads a bit like an episode of Star Trek. :D

Which is why I absolutely cracked up when a character compared it to one. :D :D

Karen, a recently divorced librarian, sees odd dust that swirls around, destroying a figuring.... then killing her neighbor... and several other people.

She enlists the help of her ex, Jerry, and they set to work trying to stop the killer dust. Since no one else can see it. Or happens to see it. Whatever.

Their relationship made me laugh, because it's SO my husband and I.... except that we figured out a lot faster than they did that the way to solve liking different things is to try to get involved with what the other likes! Really, it shouldn't have taken 7 years of marriage plus a few months being divorced, but whatever. Made me laugh.

My one peeve-- the dust was consistently described as a "whirlpool" rather than a "whirlwind" which drove me nuts. But hey, that's probably just my OCD talking...

Overall, fun read!

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