Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to Sue a Telemarketer-- A Quick Peek

Okay, first off, am I the only one who loves the cover?  LOL

I don't do a lot of tours for books like this, but I'm sooooo tired of telemarketers calling MY FREAKING CELL PHONE.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

And it sounds funny.  So hey.

Description from the book tour--
Telemarketers have been a pain in the general public’s behind for decades. Thanks to their interrupting us day and night, the telephone has been transformed from a convenience, into a source of annoyance and frustration.

How To Sue A Telemarketer: A Manual For Restoring Peace On Earth One Phone Call At A Time is a tongue-in-cheek manual that shows the average citizen how they can fight back against a telemarketer by taking them to small-claims court. Half humorous and half How to, How to Sue a Telemarketer combines comedy with savvy information about the legal system and step-by-step instructions on how consumers can sue telemarketers.

“I wrote How To Sue A Telemarketer for all the good, kind and ordinary people of the world who simply want to have a quiet dinner, or a beer and watch a basketball game, without getting interrupted by someone who doesn’t give a damn about them,” says Steve Ostrow, the books author and an attorney for over 30 years.

In addition to his work as an attorney, Steve has been seen on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel and The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a celebrity impersonator for the television character Kramer, of the famed Seinfeld television show. Just visualize Cosmo Kramer going to law school. How would he defend the public’s right to have some peace and quiet in their homes? This book is it. How To Sue A Telemarketer will comically take the reader through the process of:
• What to do when a telemarketer first calls
• Gathering information to file a civil complaint
• Filing and serving of the complaint
• What to do in court all the way through collection on the judgment
• Everything you need to know about suing telemarketers

Join us on the How To Sue A Telemarketer virtual tour. To learn more about the tour, visit You can also learn more about How to Sue a Telemarketer at

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this one.
Anybody have a good telemarketer story??  I once gave heck to the people that call for donations for the police (not here, we lived in another state) because the guy that had called previously had made me cry.  I was several months pregnant with Boo and he wouldn't listen to me.  Jerk.  The next time they called the supervisor got a MAJOR earful!  Don't mess with pregnant ladies!  lol
I generally try to be polite, but if they call on a Sunday I yell.  :)  Not very Christian, I suppose, but it ticks me off.
What's your best telemarketer story?


  1. We sort of had a funny one yesterday. I could tell it was a telemarketer calling, or at least an unfamiliar number, so I let it go to the machine, which then recorded the person on the other end, who had no clue the machine had picked it up. She was not paying attention at all to her job! We heard heavy breathing, along with office noises, then her talking to her co-worker, then finally, she said, "hello, how are you today?" as if she'd just barely connected to someone (but the machine had answered minutes ago) and then there was a pause of course when no one responded back to her, then a big sigh... then she said, "Oh, don't be stupid!" and then hung up!!

    I yelled back to the machine... "who's the stupid one, huh?!!!" But she did give me a good laugh for the day.

  2. Sounds like a funny and interesting book.

    A lot of telemarketers don't bother with me since I sound like a kid on the phone and will ask if there is someone there 18 or older. Nope.

  3. @Suey-- LOL!!! I love it! That's fabulous.

    @Andrea-- Awesome! I wish I could do that... Before I was married people ALWAYS pronounced our last name (maiden name) wrong, so it was easy to say, "sorry, wrong number"!

  4. I think my hubby got a rude Police donation call. You would think if they were asking for a donation they would be nicer about it.

    I just don't answer the phone anymore, but I got so tired of the ringing phone all day long. So I just have a cell phone, and very rarely get an out of state call so I don't ever answer from strange area codes.

  5. @Amy-- Seriously!! If you're asking for donations, you want people to think well of you.
    Actually, I've heard that some of those don't even give the all the money to the police or whatever! Awful!!

    I get enough out of state calls that I usually still answer. Stupid things.