Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kick by Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman

4 stars
r- 0
Copy provided for review by publisher

Told in alternating perspectives, Kick is the story of a teen in trouble and a cop trying to help him out.

Kevin is 13 when he's caught behind the wheel of someone else's car-- with that someone's daughter in the passenger seat.  No one's quite sure what's going on, and Kevin's not saying.

Jerry Brown is a police officer interested in helping troubled kids.   But if Kevin won't trust him, there might not be much he can do.

Interesting book, not a lot of depth, maybe, but it's written to young teens, so it's somewhere in between JF and YA.

The story behind the book is almost more interesting-- a few years ago a young fan wrote an email to Walter Dean Myers, who suggested they write a story.  They went back and forth, each writing one perspective, and now it's being published.  Pretty darn cool.

Recommended for middle school boys.

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