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You can contact me at
schriftstellarin (@)

or find me on GoodReads-- Britt, Book Habitue

I read and review books in a wide variety of genres, from picture books on up, but I tend to avoid straight romance and just about anything involving vampires. ;)

Authors and publishers are welcome to email me about books for review.  (I'm pretty picky about nonfiction, but you're welcome to contact me and we'll see what we can work out.)

**Please note, I am not accepting ebooks at this time.**

***UPDATE:  (5/7/2013)  A couple of clarifications:

I'm still being very picky about nonfiction.  Frankly, I'm always going to be more picky about nonfiction.  Humanities and history are where I'm most likely to say yes.

I don't read self-help, self-empowerment, etc etc basically ever.

I don't do political nonfiction- ever.

I vastly prefer CLEAN READS.  Books with higher adult content (the "risqueity" factor here on my blog) are not likely to get as high reviews purely for that.

I DO NOT respond to emails that I can't verify.  So for the small publishers that are using "Direct Contact PR" to email reviewers, you won't hear back from me.  Which is a pity, because sometimes I really would like to review the book you're offering.  But I simply can't verify the veracity of those emails.  They don't look real and they're hard to figure out.  So even when I want the book, I pretty much delete them automatically.