Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back to Reader's Choice...

End of the Alphabet by C S Richardson
4 Stars
R- 2(?)

This is kind of sad. It's poignant. It tells the story of a husband and wife trying desperately to complete an alphabet of travels in the month he has left.
It's short and sweet. I enjoyed it.
(I did read it in July, though, which is why the risquety has a ? by it. I know it wasn't worse than a 2.)

The next book on the Reader's Choice list is Escape by Carolyn Jessop. It's about polygamy in the FLDS community. I'm not really planning to read it.

After that though, is--

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
5 Stars
R-2-3 I think

This is a wonderful story about a quiet woman whose quiet life tending her magical garden is completely disrupted when the prodigal sister returns. Very disrupted! But in all the best ways. I loved it! It was just so much fun!
I really recommend it; it's a fun quick read.
Equally fun is Sugar Queen, also by Sarah Addison Allen. Written in a similar style, it's a great story about a girl who, at 27 or so, finally becomes her own person.

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