Thursday, November 20, 2008

Creepy Icelandic Mystery...

(Note: I forgot to say yesterday-- Interred with their Bones was a Reader's Choice book.)

Okay, technically the next book on the Reader's Choice list is The Last Cowgirl by Jana Richman, but I haven't read it. Haven't decided yet if I'm going to....

Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigudardottir
4 stars
Some descriptions are a little graphic.

This book is actually a translation from Icelandic. Thora, the main character, is a lawyer called upon to investigate the death and mutilation of a German student at the university. Lots of witchcraft... that kind of creepiness. I did enjoy it, but reading it at like 11 at night was not my best idea! I really liked Thora, and I think the plan is for more books about her. I'd read them.
If mutilation and witchcraft don't bother you (it's not promoting witchcraft, certain characters are just involved in witchcraft) then I would definitely recommend this one!

On a completely unrelated note. I recently read Let There Be Suspects by Emilie Richards, which I really enjoyed. It's the second in the Ministry is Murder series. (Yeah, I didn't realize it was the second one. The first book is sitting here right now waiting for me to read it.) It's pretty much fluff, but sometimes you need fluff, right? Anyway, quick and clean and fun. I loved the characters!

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