Friday, November 28, 2008

Nursery Crimes

Happy Black Friday. I am not out shopping. I have no intention of going out shopping. And that makes me happy.

The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde
5 stars
R- 1

Oh my gosh! Hysterical!! Join Investigator Jack Spratt as he investigates crimes for the Nursery Division! What really happened to Humpty Dumpty? Evidence says he was shot, but who shot him and why? What a mess. With his new assistant Mary Mary, Jack is on the case.

There's also a sequel, which I believe is called The Fourth Bear, but I've not read it yet. I'm sure it's just as zany as the first!

Also by Jasper Fforde-- The Eyre Affair. Someone is hopping around copies of Jane Eyre trying to change the story! Thursday Next (Yep, that's her name. I think it took me the first quarter of the book to figure that out!) is on the job. Related, but not technically connected to the Nursery Crimes books. At least I don't think there's a connection anywhere, but I haven't read the rest of the Thursday Next books, of which there are several.

Anyway, much fun to be had in the realm of literary mystery!

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