Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The reports of my death were greatly exagerated...

Which I quite possibly spelled wrong. Oh well.
Nope, I didn't die, just my internet. I HATE not having internet.

Barbara Cleverly's Joe Sandilands Mysteries
5 stars
R- 2-3 (varies some from book to book)

The first is The Last Kashmiri Rose. I have really been enjoying these. I'm hoping there are more coming...
Joe Sandilands is a London policeman who has risen through the ranks quickly. As the series starts, he's on detachment in British India. A great blend of humor, mystery, and period. In case you haven't noticed, I'm into period pieces. Movies, books, whatever-- I love them all.
Anyway, I really recommend these. They're fun. (Yeah, I'm brimming with witty reviews today... I want to go back to bed. Actually, I want to reread these books in bed. But my kids might object.)

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