Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Search of Dante

and finding him in all the wrong places!

The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl
5 stars
R-1 or 2
somewhat graphic in places

It's 1865 and a murderer is loose in Boston.... and he's copying scenes from Dante's Inferno! Poets of the day try frantically to figure out what the madman will do next-- led by Longfellow, who's also trying desperately to finish his translation on time.
Fantastic read! Keeps you guessing and fascinated.
So now I really need to reread Dante. And I'm really intrigued-- I didn't know Longfellow did a translation (the first in America, met with much criticism) and I'd love to find it.

Disclaimer-- I read this like 2 months ago, so I could totally be lying about it being Longfellow and I'm feeling too lazy to go check. Let me look it up online-- Okay, I'm not losing my mind. It is Longfellow.
Learn more at http://www.matthewpearl.com/

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