Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Final Theory

Final Theory by Mark Alpert
5 stars

I love things like this. Very Numb3rs.

David Swift wanted to be a scientist. He got all the way to grad school before he realized that his math skills just wouldn't cut it.
So he did the next best thing. He became a Professor of the History of Science.

But when he's called to the hospital because a former mentor has been attacked, it could all be blown to bits.

Fairly literally.

Someone is after Einstein's final theory, and the results could destroy the world.

Great book. Mark Alpert writes for Scientific American and does a great job of presenting the science of it all for the average reader.

More language than I like. Do people seriously talk that way in everyday life? Seriously? The vocabulary of the general public must be very appalling. (I live a sheltered life, what can I say.)

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