Monday, February 16, 2009

My Baby

You didn't think I meant that literally, did you?
This innocuous little suitcase has been sitting around for.... well years. Since my grandma died in Oct. 2001. (2001 was a bad year.)

When she died, we started the sorting....

And I got to pick some things that I wanted to keep. I picked a bunch of books, naturally.

And this.

Because really, every writer needs a typewriter.
So, when I was cleaning up the "craft room" the other day, I pulled it out.

And cleaned it up.

And lo and behold, the ribbon I thought needed to be replaced, doesn't!

It's ALIVE!!!

Boo was enthralled. Possibly in part because I won't let her touch my laptop.

But also because she'd never seen one before. She had absolutely no idea what it was. Which is just sad, really.

So my new goal-- finish cleaning the craft room and try to find a place for this to actually be out all the time. (Boo was begging to use it today.)

Because every writer needs a typewriter.
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  1. How cool is that! It makes me wonder if my typewriter is still alive. I highly doubt it. Very sad. (Yes, I'm old enough that I had my own... computers didn't become stylish until halfway through college.)