Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"A fantastical blend of myth and modern"

That's what Eoin Colfer had to say about it. I like it.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
5 Stars

I heard about this book on Maw Books and was intrigued. I mean, hey, a modern take on Greek Mythology, what's not to love, right? (Yes, I am aware I am a nerd.)

The Lightning Thief is book one of Percy Jackson- The Olympians and it is a fabulous start. Though really, and book that begins with the chapter "I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-algebra Teacher" is bound to be great.

This was fun, entertaining, and well done. I liked the character development. And I LOVED how humble Percy is towards the end. He's basically saved the world, his father (a Greek god) is proud of him, and as he is leaving Olympus --

"As I walked back through the city of the gods, conversations stopped. The muses paused their concert. People and satyrs and naiads all turned toward me, their faces filled with respect and gratitude, and as I passed, they knelt, as if I were some kind of hero."

How can you NOT love a kid like that?

(And why can I not turn off the stupid blockquote thing? Blast it all.)

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to reading the next one.... and the next.... :D

This would be an excellent choice for a middle schooler, and I think it would appeal to a lot of kids. The library copy I ended up with is not in great shape, so it must be popular, right?

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