Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday with Boo-- Repetition

We've been reading from The Book of Mormon in the morning. Usually. Trying to.


At this stage "reading" for Boo means Mommy or Daddy tell her what to say (a phrase at a time) and she says it.

So the other day, when she wasn't thrilled that we were interrupting Little Einsteins to do this, she was being a bit less than cooperative.

(When we started reading daily her response, I kid you not, was "Is this a joke?")

Anyway, it was her turn and so I started "And it came to pass..." and she immediately responded "But Mommy, I've already read this one!"

Well.... no...

I think half the verses in there start with "and it came to pass".


  1. We use the "and it came to pass"es as a game. I'd go, "Aaaaand it caaaaaaaa," and everyone not reading would jump in with, "came to pass," and it was fun to see who'd say it first and it made everyone pay a bit closer attention.

  2. That's fun!
    We're still trying to get through three verses without anyone throwing a fit about it....

    Do you have any idea how long it is going to take us to read the whole thing at the rate of 3 verses a day?

  3. You tell me, we are still in 1st Nephi. After over a year. (But we're not as consistent as we were when we were doing Pres. Hinkley's challenge.