Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Picture Book Fun

We're All In The Same Boat by Zachary Shapiro
Illustrated by Jack E. Davis
5 stars

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I cannot for the life of me remember which blog I saw this book on. Sorry!

This has got to be the cutest animal alphabet book ever. Seriously.

At first being on the ark is lots of fun... but as the days pass...

"The ants are antsy... the llamas are livid... and the rabbits are getting rowdy."

Finally, Noah has had it. "We're all in the same boat!" he yells. "

"The ants apologized, the bees behaved..." and on through the alphabet.

The pictures are hilarious.


  1. Thanks for the blog on my book!

  2. :D
    I love it when authors find my blog. I feel so special!