Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Morsel

Name that book:

"Well," Lucky finally said, "what's the deal with the sign?"

"Did you read it?" Lincoln asked.

Lucky skirted around to the front of the sign, which was bolted to a metal post, and studied the words in large black capital letters against the orangy-yellow background:


Lucky frowned. "So?" she asked.

"That sign is about us," Lincoln said. "Where's the pen?"...

Next to SLOW, he drew two neat perfect-size dots, one like a period and the other a little above it. Lucky knew it was a colon and it made the sign mean, "You must drive slow: There are children at play."

"Wow," she said. "That is... presidential."



  1. Ooh, a great one! The Higher Power of Lucky.

    Joins The Giver as a Newberry book banned from (some) schools. Are there any others?

  2. It was banned? Why? Maybe I need to reread it....

    I LOVE The Giver. So glad it was one we had to read in school.