Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wednesday Morsel

(Yeah, I know. It's Tuesday night. It's been one of those weeks.)

"Furniture Drive for Homeless Launched"

"Researchers call murder a threat to public health"

"Tribal council to hold June meeting in June"

"Man admits killing violated probation"

"Animal unit seeks rabbit witnesses"

"Jail's $34-million price tag doesn't include cell doors"

"Genuine fake eelskin"

"8 bagels for $1.49 (limit 3)"

"9-volt smoke alarm with silencer"

"NEED Plain Clothes Security. Must have shop lifting experience."

And finally: (I love this one)
"NEED BABYSITTER at my home, bring own lunch and dinner. Stay until I get home. 6:15 am until whenever. No overtime pay."

Now I may be crazy... but as a MOM that sounds a LOT like MY job description!!



  1. Where do you find these? They are funny, Britt.

  2. Jay Leno's Headlines, of course.

    I'm soooo going to miss that segment.

    (I have a book of them from the 80's)