Thursday, May 14, 2009

Messenger by Lois Lowry

5 Stars
Final story in the Giver trilogy

Buy Messenger on IndieboundThis is a beautiful story. It follows Kira's friend Matt (now Matty) several years after Gathering Blue.

Now he lives in Village and takes messages for Leader. He hopes to receive his "true name" (a title, really) soon.

But things are changing in Village and in Forest. When the people vote to close Village, Matty must journey to get Kira, before it's too late.

Messenger really ties together The Giver and Gathering Blue. Lois Lowry ties the two together beautifully, without it feeling contrived-- which sometimes happens when an author tries to do something like this.

I loved it. I did. There were little inconsistencies in details and voice (between Messenger and Gathering Blue) that annoyed me at first, but the story is so wonderful and touching that it just doesn't matter.

I actually wish it had been a little longer, but there's a certain wisdom in leaving the reader wanting more. :D

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