Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday with Boo and Mister-- Preschool Revisited

"Mom, what's an adjective?"**
(Don't most kids start with nouns and verbs? My kids are weird.)

"It's a word that describes something."

"What does describe mean?"

"It tells about it. Like saying 'pretty girl'. Pretty is an adjective."

"So if I say [Mister] is pretty silly, pretty is an adjective?"

"No, silly is an adjective, but pretty would be an adverb."

"Mom, what's an adverb?"

"It's a word that describes a verb or an adjective. Or another adverb."

"Mom, what's a verb?"

"It's an action word."

"What's an action word?"

It's like "who's on first?" I swear.

Can you tell we like to watch Schoolhouse Rock? Mister loves it too. Maybe that's what we'll do for preschool...

** Conversation is recorded as best as I can remember it!

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