Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Reading Saturday

Well it's that time of year again. In just over a week, the summer reading program begins again.

I have a confession. I'm not nearly as good about reading to my kids as I should be. I just don't have the patience some days. (Read that "most days".)

My biggest problem? I try to have it be part of bedtime. Bedtime is just too stressful around here. I'm out of patience and I just want the little monst... I mean kids to leave me alone for 12 hours of so!

But-- I do a bit better when it's contest time. And June 1st is the BIG day.

So I was thinking... since my Saturday posts are all about Boo and Mister anyway, why not shift them to Summer Reading Saturdays? That way I'm accountable to YOU as well as the monkeys that aren't reading on their own yet.

And I'm hoping some of you will join in.

The reading program (this is through the county library system) has an adult program and a kid program. I will post all the details when I have them-- hopefully next Saturday. Usually, though, the adult side is more or less "read 8 books" or something... so I may double it this year. The kid portion-- you decide how long the sessions are and complete x number of sessions.

Boo's sessions have been increasing over the years (this is her third or fourth year) and so I think I'll set hers at 30 or 40 minutes. (Now, I count it even if it's four 10-minute sessions, so long as they're all the same day.)

This is Mister's FIRST year, though, so we'll probably stick with 10-15 minutes for him.

The theme this year-- BE CREATIVE!

If you're in Salt Lake County, the kickoff is at Wheeler Farm on June 1st. See the Library Website for more info!


  1. Yay! There is lots of work put into the Summer Reading Programs. Oh, and they are so fun.