Monday, June 29, 2009

Need Your Help

So, I use Internet Explorer. And I like it. Usually.

Unfortunately, it's unreliable when it comes to favicons. What's a favicon? you ask. Well, it's the little icon you see next to the url or next to the name of the website if you're using tabbed browsing. Often it's the little "e" for Explorer. Or it might be the orange and white "B" for Blogger.


Since I just see the "e" I'm wondering if that means my favicon is broken, hijacked, or just playing tricks on me. So if you could take my little poll ---->
I'd appreciate it.

Also, if you're not busy and wanted to buzz over to Arri and Keish's site and then leave me a comment here with what favicon you see there, that would be cool. Because when I go there I see the weird "J" but when I had someone else go look for me on their computer they saw leaves.

Sorry for the interruption, stay tuned for a return to your regularly scheduled book blogging.


  1. In google chrome I see the orange B but in IE I see the J.

  2. I see leaves over at their site, and a J at yours. FYI, as Heidi mentioned, although I'm currently using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome is pretty amazing!

  3. Blasted Internet Explorer. Okay, looks like I have to go tear apart the html on this one...

    I'm glad you guys see the leaves over at Arri and Keish, though. That's what it's supposed to be!

  4. so on this site I see the J-- what is the J for anyway? does it have significance?

  5. The J is wrong. I need to fix it. Since apparently it's all anyone can see.

    I hear the site I used to create/host my favicon may have been hacked. Stinks for them, but I'm glad it was a problem with their site and not mine!

  6. In Firefox, I see your picture. In IE, I see the IE e.

    Good luck!

  7. AHA! So I did at least sort of fix it...

    And yet I'm still seeing that stupid J... Time to clear out the cookies...