Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Reading Saturday--Mommy is NOT Good at This Part 2

So we've had a reversal.

(Actually first let me say that reading while camping was an excellent diversion. Mister was ornery and more than once the answer ended up being popping him in his carseat and reading to him.)

Suddenly, we're doing much better at reading to Boo and much worse at reading to Mister. Really it's because of these fairy books. Though the problem is Daddy has decided he'd rather do just about anything but read one of them again. And Boo seems okay with that since he does such weird voices. (I'm pretty sure the girls in the book are not meant to sound like 13-year-old boys with bad headcolds.)

And I just can't read more than one at a time. By the end of one, I'm done. Luckily they take long enough that one pretty much finishes off a reading session.

All in all, we may be in trouble to finish either one before the end of August.....

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