Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Reading Saturday-- Past Half Way

Which is good, since it's almost the end of July.

I've got to get back in the habit with Mister. I think he needs some Diego books. He's become obsessed with Diego. (And it's expanding his vocabulary! He says "Go Diego Go" though only I understand it, and he says "clap clap clap" and "click" and occasionally "sea star". Pretty impressive.)

I am at best indifferent to Diego. He does not annoy me nearly as much as his blasted cousin, Dora the Explorer. But seriously, Comcast, you can't put more that ONE episode On Demand at a time!??! I'm dying here.

If you've never watched Diego, let me tell you something-- Darwin would have had serious issues with these animals they're rescuing.

I mean, come on, you've got the fish that doesn't know what it is or where it lives. Survival of the fittest, man. You're on your own, Lucy the Mystery Fish.

You're average toddler is smarter than these animals.

And this is why I haven't given in and gotten any Diego books yet. Mommy doesn't have to be involved with watching the TV show, but Mommy would have to READ the blasted books.

Whatever happened to books on tape?

*Boo has 18 squares marked and Mister has 16!! Yea!!*


  1. I'm stopping by to say I've got something for you at I'm Booking It.

    Sounds like your summer reading is going well!

  2. Oh, well. I love the Lilo and Stitch anyway (I don't know if there is in book version)and the Winnie the Pooh. This was just a funny observation. But you're right. In our search for little children's books, we find amazing ones...

  3. I think there is a Lilo and Stitch book.

    Boo just got book versions of Up and WALLe, which she's excited about.

    And we have LOTS of Winnie the Pooh!