Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clash of the Gods-- a TV Review

Oh my word.

Sorry, no picture or anything because the History Channel website doesn't have anything but a couple of episode descriptions, but I just had to share!

Being the total Mythology nerd that I am, I just HAD to watch Clash of the Gods! Even if it is on at 11 pm on Monday nights. (Check your listings, though, because our Food Network on Comcast is 3 hours behind my mom's on Direct TV... and she lives 15 minutes away. Go figure. So, yeah, check your tv schedule.)

Anyway, 11 pm, which means I stayed up too late again. (When do I not? If it's not a good show, it's a good book!)

It was so worth it! This show takes the Greek myths and compares them to actual historical events and such. It was awesome! They even discussed aspects of the myths I wasn't familiar with... and with how much I've read, that's impressive.

Zeus was the first episode and the History Channel schedule does say that they'll be playing it again a few times in the next week or two. Next week's episode is Hades and it looks like after that it's Hercules!

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