Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George

5 Stars

Oh come on, you had to have seen another Dragon review coming. :D

Once again, Jessica Day George doesn't disappoint! Creel and Luka are off to visit the dragons in their new home, with Creel's brother Hagen tagging along. (Had anyone else totally forgotten Creel had a brother? I know, I know, she mentions him from time to time, but still.)

It's only months to their wedding, so Creel has brought along her wedding dress, which she works on at the oddest times. Which is totally in character, though. So it's all good.

When Velika, the dragon queen, is kidnapped not long before she's due to lay her eggs, Creel is once again caught up in the maelstrom.

What I LOVED though, is that this time it's DRAGON politics! I thought that was a great angle. (Technically, Dragon Flight was about half dragon troubles, half human, but it was really interesting to focus solely on dragon culture.)

After flying across the world, being captured not once, but at least twice, and ruining not one, but TWO wedding dresses, will Creel finally get the wedding she wants?

(Oh of course she will, honestly. It's a happy kids book, people!)



  1. So glad to hear about Dragon Spear. I loved the first two and this one sounds just as fascinating!

  2. At least as fascinating!! Getting a closer look at the Dragon culture was great!