Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August in Review

13 books in August. That's not too bad for a summer month, right?

4 mysteries, 3 yf type fantasy, 1 Virtual Book Tour, 1 book not finished, 1 urban fantasy, 3 historical/mystery/romance (all Deanna Raybourns... I read all three in like a day and a half), a couple of thrillers... a couple of Reader's Choice.

Not too shabby. Only 19 Reader's Choice to go... hmm. Maybe I should start really reading those.

No book club books finished this month... I'm still slowly plodding through the July/August book. It's good, it's just feeling hard to commit to.

No monthly possibilities either. They're still on hold. Through the end of eternity apparently.

Finished the Summer Reading stuff-- picked out our prize books on Saturday.
Boo got The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, yea!
Mister got a Diego book with "e'pants" in it, so he's happy.

The adult choices were a bit slim. Several romances... no thanks. A couple of Patricia Cornwells... nah, I stopped reading hers a while ago. Too creepy and the characters are just not overly likeable people. Totally just my opinion, though.

I ended up with one called Dark Horse by Tami Hoag. Anybody heard of it? Hopefully it's good. We'll see. The problem with books I own is that they don't have a due date... so we'll see when I actually get around to reading it!

Dark Horse is a popular title. You put it in on Amazon and come up with all sorts of things.

That's not the cover I have, though. I have the hardback. That's the mass market paperback.

Which sparks an interesting question-- do you prefer paperback or hardback?

I'll buy either if the price is right, but when it comes right down to it-- I like paperbacks. They're easier to deal with. They aren't as heavy if I want to shove the book in my massive purse. They're easier to hold up if I'm reading in the tub.

How about you?


  1. Have you read the 'Last Apprentice' series by Joseph Delaney? They're totally like youth fiction, about a county Spook's apprentice, and with big type and even 300-400 pages, they're like a good afternoon read. My husband and I have really enjoyed 'em as a fun, quick to read books, full of ghouls, boggarts, witches, etc.

  2. I haven't! I'll have to go add those to my list.

  3. Not a bad month at all!

    I keep looking at Tami Hoag's books, and thinking about buying them, but still haven't actually done it. I think. I do sometimes have trouble keeping track.

    Given a choice, I usually prefer paperback (for the reasons you state), although if it is a small book, the hardcover can have a nicer feel. I do like the looks of hardcovers!

  4. Oh I'm right there with you. I have a terrible time remembering what I've read. This is why I keep such ridiculous lists now!