Friday, September 18, 2009

BBAW-- Goals

I am not an overly concise person, so this will likely not be 50 words or less. Sorry. Deal with it.

(Seriously Sleep-Deprived and Cranky today-- that's SSDC for those keeping track.)

I pretty much like where my blog's at, though I hope to increase readership between now and next year. Don't we all. :D
I definitely need to comment more on other blogs. I'm terrible at that. Really really terrible. So that's a goal for sure.

I'm also continuing to suspend the Monthly Possibilities for a couple more months at least. I just can't keep up! I FINALLY have The Actor and the Housewife, but haven't had a chance to open it yet. (I have GOT to finish Mormon Scientist first!!)

I have also given myself permission to miss a day now and then. The world won't end. Readers won't abandon me. At least, I don't think they will. You won't, will you?

There, 122 words. That's not that bad.

Check out my new poll in the sidebar-- can't decide what to do about Wednesday Morsels...


  1. No, the world won't end. I used to feel such pressure to post every single day and now I don't. If I skip a day. Who cares? Nobody. Great goals!

  2. I still prefer to post daily, but some days there just aren't enough hours...