Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy BBAW

Happy BBAW!!

(That would be Book Blogger Appreciation Week.)

Today's blog theme is blogs you love that didn't win awards this year. To check out who DID win this year (awesome blogs) check out the BBAW Awards page.

So-- first off, awesome author blogs:
Brodi Ashton-- Brodi's not published YET, but I count her as an author. And her blog is hysterical. (AND I met her at our Utah Book Bloggers shindig.)
Deanna Raybourn-- Love her books, love her blog.
Lisa Shearin-- You know I love her books; have you checked out her blog? GREAT information on writing and the publishing industry.

Awesome book blogs:
Bookscoops-- I've said it before, I'll say it again, LOVE the ladies of Bookscoops! Check out their awesome Doublescoops-- they crack me up!
Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile-- As a mom, I LOVE this site. So many awesome kid books!!
I'm Booking It-- excellent reviews, wide variety, LOVE it!
Book Bird Dog-- great source for mysteries and international books!
Ink and Paper-- Features Belle's Library every week, along with lots of great reviews!
It's All About Books-- Suey makes me smile-- always always!
One Librarian's Book Reviews-- Awesome reviews, and she notes the books mrg factor (mature romantic garbage) which I always like to know!

I hate compiling these lists, because I'm sure I missed somebody. If I missed you-- SORRY!!! I didn't mean to, I promise. (It's lack of sleep, I tell you.)


  1. Ah, man! So many that I didn't even think to put on. I really should have broadened my list from 3 (3!!!) to about 30. Thanks for mentioning me - I enjoy your Risqueity factor, cause it helps me too!

  2. Thanks for mentioning us! Love your blog too! I barely ever manage to read adult fiction anymore (although I'm doing well this month), so that's why I focused on children's book blogs on my list. I like living vicariously through your reviews, though! ;) Going to check out some of the others on your list. There are just SO MANY book blogs out there. My google reader is bursting.

  3. Just subscribed to it and you're right - Brodi Ashton's blog is hilarious.

  4. Very nice post, Britt. Did we get a chance to talk much about the Deanna Raybourn books at our get together? Because I adore her series. I'm actually giving away a copy of the third one as a BBAW giveaway right now. lol.

  5. Melissa-- It's so hard to make these lists! I probably could have kept going and just listed everything in my Google Reader, but that would be one looooong list!

    Infant Bibliophile-- You're welcome! My google reader is bursting too! Takes me forever to go through it all!

    Angie-- I think we spent the whole time talking about urban fantasy and the merits of certain vampires... :D I saw your giveaway. I just finished reading it a couple weeks ago! Now we have to wait a whole year for the next one though. *pout*

  6. Thank you Britt!

    As you know, I listed you too :-). Since we do have such similar taste, I'll have to go check out the blogs you recommend that I don't already read.