Friday, September 11, 2009

Hidden Branch, A Pre-Review

(Yes, I am aware that "pre-review" is not a word and is inherently contradictory.)

I canNOT WAIT to get this book in my hot little hands!!!!!! I will devour it, I tell you. I want it, and I want it now. It's not here yet, though. Sigh.

GG Vandagriff's novel of mystery, romance, and comedy, The Hidden Branch, will be released on or before September 16th. Taking place in Huntington Beach, CA, it is the fifth in the Alex and Briggie Mystery Series.

(See for more info)

From GG--

-Anyone who buys the book on line or in the store before September 17th can qualify for an Alex and Briggie gift package and a chance to win an autographed set of the entire series by doing the following:
e-mail me your name and address through the above website
tell me where you bought the book

How cool is that?!?! A special gift package!

So, go forth and respond to the call!
(Just a little excitement here.... just a little....)


  1. Thanks so much Britt. I have heard rumors that the book is out, but you were a winner, weren't you? I am on tour right now. Will send books out on Monday. If you weren't a winner you can probably get it today. Either way, I'll send you a prize!

  2. I was a winner, and I'm being ever so patient. ;)

    Hope you're having fun touring. :D