Thursday, September 3, 2009

Live Bait by PJ Tracy

5 stars
R- 2

The sequel, more or less, to Monkeewrench doesn't really feature the Monkeewrench crew. I mean, sure, they're in there... briefly... but it's really more of a Magozzi and co. story.

Since I really liked Magozzi in the first book, that was fine with me!

This one is FUNNY! Funnier than Monkeewrench. Like laugh-out-loud, kids-looking-at-you-like-you've-lost-it funny. Though, honestly, I think my kids are fairly used to Mommy spontaneously laughing for no apparent reason.

AND, there are no potential alibi issues in this one. It works. Which makes me happy.

Old people are dropping like flies, and after four months of no homicides, Magozzi is regretting wishing for some action. First they get two in one night. Then another the next day... then another. What's going on? Who's got a vendetta against old people? That's just wrong!

But as the truth is slowly unfurled, the detectives realize that nothing is quite what it seems.

Really great read. Kind of a creepy concept, but hey, it's a murder mystery, right?

And the title does make sense, I promise. You just might have to read the whole book before it completely does. :D

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