Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mount TBR

This was a topic during BBAW, but I didn't get it posted then, so I thought I'd do it now! (Plus, I fell asleep yesterday afternoon, and spent the evening playing with my new digital scrapbooking software!! so no reading was accomplished...)


I wasn't about to search out all my TBR books that I actually own because, well, they're all nicely sorted and shelved where they belong. This, then, is the library TBR pile. Or piles, rather.

Yeah, the piano doesn't get played a whole lot.

I think there are 13 books there. (Plus the kids' library books. They don't count, though.) Actually it could be a lot worse. I have been known to have every spot on my card filled (you can have 30 items out). At that point I start using my husband's! AND pretty soon it will be time for Boo to get her own! I think I may be more excited about that than she is.... 10 more hold spots!!

If you'd like to see my uber-scary virtual TBR pile, check out my To-Read shelf on Goodreads!

What does YOUR TBR pile look like??
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  1. This is great. Looks sort of like my pile, but mine is scattered in more than one area. You actually look organized!

  2. Aw, thanks, I try!

    Really I just have to keep the library books together or they get lost!

  3. I took a picture of my TBR pile during BBAW too, but never posted it. It looks not nearly so messy as it did since I got my new shelves and have been organizing. It's still quite overwhelming though.

    Poor poor piano! Now that is one place I've never seen piled with books!

  4. I know, it's a sad piano. It does keep the kids from banging on it though.

    I need some sort of shelf to keep library books on...

  5. Here's something the library doesn't want you to know. If the librarian is in a super good mood and you promise to return some books soon, they can override the system and you can have more than 30 books out. More like 40. But I returned a bunch this morning and now only have 28 out.