Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Crucible-- what I forgot to say

Totally forgot to put this in my review, but here it is. (You can scroll down for the rest of the review if you missed it.)

I find Reverend Hale fascinating. I really need to find some nonfiction on him, because if he really was as he's portrayed in the play.... I'd love to know more.

This man comes to Salem so confident, so convinced that he knows the town's troubles and can fix them all.

And then, slowly, through the play it dawns on him what he's unleashed on this unsuspecting town. But it's too late. Things are in motion and there's simply nothing he can do to stop it all from spiraling out of control.

And so he leaves. He leaves and travels to other towns to try to keep the madness contained to Salem.

And then he comes back-- to convince people to lie to save their lives. He knows they're inocent. He's realized what was happening in the court. And while he knows a false confession is wrong, he feels justified in saving lives.

Anyone know anything else about him? Got any suggestions of books I could read about him?


  1. Embarrassed to say that I don't... you'd think I might have picked up some tidbit of knowledge, visiting Salem on school field trips every couple of years growing up. It's a fascinating/fun/creepy place to visit.

  2. lol. I swear we never take a close look at places like that when we live by them, you know? You go on the field trips, but that's about it!