Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday with My Bookcases

So there's a new challenge over at S. Krishna's Books that I've been debating. A Clear off your Shelves challenge.

As in actually reading books you own. With a percentage as a goal.

Which means needing to actually know how many books you own that you've not read.

I actually gave up counting eventually, estimating the last bit, but the number is alarming.

Somewhere in the 250-275 range. There are around 40 on my mystery shelf alone-- that I haven't read, not total books. And just for the sake of full disclosure, no, I'm not counting reference books, text books, or our nice old classics that we have because they're cool. If I were, the number would be much much higher. And we won't even talk about the kids' picture books. I know I haven't read all of those.

Now, over at S. Krishna's Books, her goal is 40%. I don't think I'm that crazy... I mean daring... committed? Whatever it is, I'm not it. To read 40% of my books in 2 months (the challenge runs through the end of November) would be.... slightly insane. I read fast, but that's like 100 books!

So yeah, 40% isn't going to happen.... And really, October is also the last month for Reader's Choice and I'm very very behind. So I'm not sure what to do.

I need this kind of challenge. I never read books I own. Unless I'm rereading them. Books I own have no due date!

I think rather than a percentage, I'm just going to declare a number. I shall try to read 20 books I own. Hmm... 20.... yes, 20. I'll make some of them my yf/jfs to save time. :D

I think I may be insane.


  1. I'm also in on this challenge.

    I think the idea is that your goal is a percentage of the books you read during that time, rather than percentage of your actual backlog.

    Since my backlog is scattered everywhere (only the most recent portion is actually on a shelf), there would be no hope of counting without a "Clean your house" challenge first. My husband would love that, but it isn't going to happen!

  2. Clearly I'm not that good at reading directions....

    I think I'll stick with a number, though. Less math that way. :D

    Yeah... our books are everywhere too. That would be part of why I gave up counting and estimated the rest!

  3. Ooh, glad someone stepped in and explained more fully - sorry if I wasn't clear! Like imbookingit said, it only needs to be a percentage of the books you read during the two months, not the total of TBR books in your house - I'd be screwed if that were the case!

    Good luck!

  4. Good to know... Perhaps I shall reevaluate. I don't know....

    I like the idea of reading 20 books off my shelves.

    Probably means I should actually start doing so, though. :D