Thursday, October 1, 2009

September-- a Retrospective

Because what I usually call these posts escapes me at the moment.

(I warned you yesterday, my sinuses are taking over and I have very little intelligent to say.)


12 books in September.

8 of those were read in the first week of the month.

Hmm. There's something unbalanced about that.

3 were Reader's Choice, 3 were rereads, only one was a JF, one was nonfiction, 2 virtual book tours, less than half of the 12 were mysteries. :D

Also muddled through some more of Mormon Scientist. I'm starting to think I simply won't be able to finish it. Sigh.

Interesting note-- only 4 of the books were stand-alones. I read a lot of series. Only 3 of the books I read in August were stand-alones. And here I thought I wasn't more interested in series than I am stand-alones. Interesting what numbers can tell you.

Speaking of Numb3rs... I still haven't watched the season premiere. Something else was on my husband wanted to see and since I can watch Numb3rs online, he won. (Actually I wanted to see the other thing too. Though it completely escapes me at the moment what said other thing was. Hmm.) All I have to say about the Numb3rs premiere is if they try to go back to Charlie and Amita hemming and hawing about their relationship, I may scream.

Just you wait, I have a whole post dedicated to ranting about such things next week.

I know, you can't wait.



  1. I haven't watched it either! I better get on that ASAP. And I hope she says yes, dang it all!

  2. If she doesn't I will probably scream and throw something. There is no logical in-character reason at this point for any other answer.

    Hmm... maybe that's what I'll watch tonight.... Before Mentalist that is. :D

  3. I know what you mean about skewed reading results. My audiobooks were all at the beginning of the month, for a variety of reasons.

    The start of the fall TV season is one of them.

    And I thought the Numb3rs season premier went as well as could be expected :-).

    I hope your sinuses behave soon!

  4. Yeah, I think all the premieres are at least partly to blame!

    Watched Numb3rs last night. I love Larry. "Not getting caught in the middle. Lalalalalala!" hehehe :D

    Also glad to see Colby-- seemed like there were quite a few episodes he wasn't in last year! I'd hate to see him go!!

  5. Funny, I can never remember what I call my wrap up posts either.

  6. Aha! I'm not the only one! :D

    I could have looked it up, but I'm honestly just too lazy... ;)