Thursday, October 29, 2009

Whose Body? by Dorothy Sayers

5 stars

In the great British tradition, Whose Body? is a great mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey, who plays at detective since, really, what else is he supposed to do with his time?

Loved it, of course.

But am I the only one that hears Percy from Scarlet Pimpernel when reading Lord Peter? There's something about the cadence of speech... :D

This is the first mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey and I'm looking forward to reading more! Very Agatha Christie. :D

Now I just have to figure out what order the others should be read in... any ideas? I hate that it's not easier to figure out the order of some however you make that plural.

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  1. Sayers and Christie are always good to fall back on when you need a good mystery.