Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Missing Mark by Julie Kramer

4 stars
R- 3 ish
Sequel to Stalking Susan

I'm likin' the title theme.

Once again Riley Spatz is digging up stories for the ratings sweep.... and sometimes that's a little too literal.

When she sees an ad in the paper-- "Wedding dress for sale- Never worn"-- she thinks she may have hit upon a good story. Because audiences love weddings. The research proves it.

She has no idea what she's getting into.

Add to that a crazy neighbor who may or may not be up to something suspicious, a return of Shep-- now a K-9 crime dog-- to her life, and a missing prize fish.... well, whoever said her life was boring?

There was a little bit of the whole "the characters have forgotten what they learned and how they grew in the last story" but not too annoying.

Riley's still maybe not the world's most likeable person and there was a bit of "hello, why didn't you think of that, Riley??", but hey. It's a good mystery.



  1. Hey, did you want to choose a book for my Pay it Forward post or were you just kindly commenting? (I love kindly comments.)

  2. :D
    I was actually really surprised to be one of the first three comments. I've played the Pay It Forward game pretty recently, so you can take the comment after mine. :D