Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Full Year

388 posts (as of 11/13, which was the 1 year mark)

Post with most comments-- Scarlet Pimpernel with 13

Books read in that year-- 13 in 2008 and 135 in 2009, 148 total.

Don't ask me to pick a favorite. It ain't going to happen. Too many really really good books!

Giveaways.... um.... 5 or 6? Something like that.

Quite a year. :D

Which of course means we need some sort of celebratory.... something. :D

So here's my thought-- everyone who comments on this post gets an entry. FIVE winners will be drawn and receive a cute handmade bookmark or two....
And ONE grand-prize winner will get a book. And a bookmark or two. (I'll make up a list to choose from.)

So there you have it-- just leave a comment. :D


  1. You know I love a good contest. Yeah for a year of blogging (and wow, that's a lot of posts)!

  2. Congrats on a year of blogging!

  3. Congrats on your first blogging year. Are you going to keep it up? I hope so! :)

  4. Falling into your blog at the moment and stumbling onto this giveaway. Sweetness!

    PS: Your blog title rocks my socks!

  5. Yay! and congrats on your year of blogging!

  6. Thanks to everybody who entered!!

    Terresa is our big winner (and not just 'cause you love my blog title!), but everyone else wins a couple of cool bookmarks!

    If your email address isn't in your profile, please email me-- schriftstellarin (@)