Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stalking Susan by Julie Kramer

5 Stars
R- 2
Reader's Choice

Okay, so I honestly had to check the "about the author" to make sure this wasn't connected to the Monkee Wrench mysteries! LOL

It's not, though. :D

Riley Spartz is a tv newscaster on the hunt for a new big story. Preferally one not involving her this time.

While Riley isn't always an overly likeable character, I did really enjoy the story and look forward to reading the sequel-- Missing Mark.

Oh, and a quick warning-- there is NO ROMANTIC RESOLUTION at the end of this book. None. Well, not really, anyway. :D

I really enjoyed this mystery/thriller and definitely recommend it. It is a little creepy, but not any more so than your average episode of Criminal Minds.

Why wasn't Riley likeable I hear you asking... Well, Riley is a reporter... and she reminds me of why I decided in my high school journalism class that being a reporter wasn't for me. It wasn't that I felt I couldn't be that ruthless, it was that I was worried I could. Riley will do a lot of things for a story... even some that may be going too far. I figured I wouldn't like myself a whole lot if I pursued that line of work.

She does have a lot of redeeming characteristics, though, and I felt like she got more likeable as the book went on.

My one big peeve-- it took most of the book for me to pin down when it was taking place. Which was really annoying since they kept bringing up the dates of cold case murders. It was driving me crazy that I didn't know how much time had passed, 'cause let's face it, that's an important detail if you're looking at possible serial killings. A simple date at the heading of the first chapter or something would have solved it.

Really though, that's all probably me being OCD. It was a really good book. :D


  1. Sounds like a good read, I've added it to my ever growing list-- the one I need to sort through to make a Christmas wish list...

    Thanks for sharing your review.

  2. I think you'd enjoy it!

    My review of the sequel will be up next week.:D

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