Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fabulous Writing in the TV World

Or "I am on a West Wing Binge"

(Okay, DVD world. The show hasn't been on the air in years. Whatever.)

I think I've watched 16 episodes of West Wing this week... And I didn't watch any Sunday or Tuesday.

That's right, I watched like 8 Monday and 8 yesterday.

I'd call that a binge.


I watched the first season or two before life just got too busy to keep up (plus you just don't always control the TV in college!) but I'd forgotten how absolutely STELLAR the writing is.


Go watch one now. I'll wait.

No really. Go watch the beginning of the pilot, where all of the main characters are called back to the office with the cryptic message "POTUS in bicycle accident". One of my absolute favorite lines?

CJ's asking if there's anything she can say besides "he rode his bicycle into a tree" and Leo responds--
"What do you want from me? 'While riding a bicycle on vacation, the president came to a sudden arboreal stop'?"

This coming in the middle of Leo trying to get hold of someone at the Times to explain to them that #17 down in the daily crossword is simply wrong. :D

Now I'm a conservative republican (more or less-- I actually tend to avoid politics at all cost), and I swear that the show's creator hates people like me, and I sure don't agree with a lot of the politics, but dang it all, it's a great show.

I think I'd better put Season 3 on hold... There are only 6 more episodes in Season 2 for me to watch. :D


  1. I know. We love that show too at my house. We got to season 7 and sort of fizzled out, but day I'll Netflix it and we will finish that series. It is so funny and insightful.

  2. Ooooh, I used to LOVE West Wing. I'm a liberal democrat, so it's interesting to see that a republican can love it too! We live such different lives. I've hardly watched tv at all since K was born (even sold ours when we moved here). I've just now started sneaking in one grey's anatomy episode per week. I can't imagine finding a way to watch that many episodes in a week. Man, I'd love it though! :)

  3. Andrea- Oh I know-- Laugh Out LOUD funny! Which gets me weird looks if I'm using headphones...

    Infant Bibliophile-- headphones+computer that plays dvds= :D
    I watched while the kids played and I made gifts... multi-tasking at its finest. :D