Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crochet Books

I haven't been reading much lately.  Big surprise, right? 

Since most waking hours are being devoted to projects like the one I posted Saturday. (Saturday with Baby J)

So I thought, for those with crafty inclinations, that I would post some favorite crochet books.

Candi Jensen is awesome!  She has multiple books of patterns for babies and toddlers.  Now there IS some overlap from one book to the next.  Candy Crochet, for example, is basically a collection of patterns from other books.

But seriously, who could resist those cute kids on the cover?  :D

There's a pretty good variety in her books, stuff for boys and girls.  Not all of the patterns are outfits I'd call practical, but they're pretty much all cute.  :D

Where do you find project ideas?

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