Thursday, February 11, 2010

Woman Strangled News At Ten by Laurie Moore

3 Stars
R- 4

An okay story, but I expect better from an author with an English degree and 6 other published books.  The writing just wasn't stellar.

With a lot of the elements I LOVE in a mystery/thriller, I was really expecting to love this book, but it took me nearly 200 pages to really care.  Aspen's not fleshed out fabulously, let alone the minor characters, and there are too many random almost plot lines that go... nowhere.  And really, you just shouldn't describe things word-for-word exactly the same way multiple times.  I don't care how many pages you put between them, I, as a reader, am not that stupid.

And we won't even talk about the random old people sex scenes.  *Shudder*

You're also left with loose ends, which I get is because it's meant to be the first of a series.... but I'm not sure I honestly care enough to read more.

All in all, I'm disappointed.  It could have been great.  It just... wasn't.

This is a Reader's Choice Challenge book and counts for the Support Your Local Library challenge!

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