Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby J-- By the Numbers (Including Giveaway Winners!)

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!  (Sorry I lied about this post coming yesterday... it just didn't happen.)
Doesn't my husband look thrilled?

Here are all the details....

Date I actually wrote Monday's post about the contest being closed-- March 19th

Date the baby was actually born-- March 21st.  You gotta love being induced.  It's all scheduled.  Beautiful.  **NOT NESSIE TOTALLY WINS ON THE DATE** (email me-- schriftstellarin (at)

Time I was supposed to go to the hospital-- 7:30 am

Time the hospital called saying not to come in-- 6:15 am (They totally woke me up, too.)

Number of women in labor at said time preventing the hospital from taking me-- 7

Time the hospital called back to say come in anyway-- 8:10 am

Time I actually got to the hospital-- 9 am (They said the nurse would be there in 40 minutes, so I didn't figure I needed to hurry.)

Time the pitocin started running through my veins-- about 9:35 or 9:40 am

Time Baby J was born-- 12:52 pm.  That's right, labor lasted about 3 hours.

Amount of time between the epidural fully taking effect and starting to push-- Um, like none.  In fact, I still have a sore area on my stomach from where it took effect last.

Amount of hair she came with--
A LOT.  Seriously, look at that.
My kids just come that way.


Weight-- 7 lbs 11 oz (well, 10.8 oz, but we'll round up)  **MELISSA @ 1LBR wins on the weight!!** (email me!)

Length-- 19.75 inches ** four different people were within a quarter inch!  Since Melissa already won on the weight, I drew a name from the other three.... and the winner is-- KIM** (email me!)

First thing anyone said about the baby-- "That's a big head"  Which is just what every mother in labor wants to hear.  Ironically, it's the first thing anyone said when Mister was born also.

Number of times the nurses called her "butterball"-- I lost track.

Number of times I asked to have the stupid IV out-- lost track on that too.  Number of excuses they had for not taking it out-- about the same as the number of times I asked.  I swear they had a new reason every time.

Amount of reading I've done since Sunday-- none.  Not a bit.  I read a magazine at first, but then I wanted to die, so I put it away.

Anyway.  We're both healthy and doing well... other than the whole thing with her not wanting to sleep at all at night.  But hey.



  1. What a little sweetie. She is adorable! Congrats. Rest and feel better.

  2. Congrats! I'm so glad you've had her and are home again. :) Best wishes!

  3. Thanks, Andrea. Rest? Hmm... what's that again? ;)

    I'm glad to be home too, mjmbecky. Hospitals really aren't that conducive to... well, anything reallly. ;)

  4. Lucky me, I won! But really, lucky you. Short labor, beautiful baby, and all is well (except for being sore, no sleep, and all the other woes of the first week but hopefully it's going well). Congratulations again!

    Here's my email: cleanbooksgal at

  5. 7lbs 11oz and they call her Butterball? They need to meet one of my nine-pounders. lol


  6. Again congratulations Britt. Glad everything went well and you had a quick labor. I have to admit I am a bit jealous of your short labor. Good luck adjusting to three.

  7. She looks adorable (though maybe not so much at night :) So excited that I guessed close!

  8. Kim- yeah, all those minor details, right. ;) Who needs sleep, though?

    NotNessie- lol, yeah I know. I think the cheeks had a lot to do with the Butterball thing...

    Cari- quick labor is good, except I'm thinking it's a little bit of a scary trend. I'm going to have to start asking for the epidural before the pitocin! Adjusting to three is.... interesting. ;)

    Melissa- most kids are cuter at night... this one's awake instead. ;)

  9. Fun fun stuff! Have a blast and enjoy.