Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

5 Stars
R- 2

This was a really fun book!  I enjoyed the mystery and the characters were lots of fun.

I'm seriously hoping it's a series in the making.

Vish Puri is a private investigator who spends most of his time doing checks on potential brides/grooms.  But when a man comes to him concerned that he's about to be charged with a murder he didn't commit, Puri finds himself entangled in something a bit bigger.

Mixed up in all this is a marriage case for one of his childhood heroes.  With a groom who seems perfect.

AND someone is shooting at him.

AND his "Mummy" (Mommy) is investigating the attempt on his life whether he likes it or not.  Even though everyone knows mummies are NOT detectives.  LOL  I LOVED the character of Mummy.  She's awesome. 

With a crack team of investigators named Flush, Tubelight and Facecream, Puri of course saves the day.  (No those aren't their real names.  Funny though.)

I totally recommend this one.  Lots and lots of fun!

This is a Reader's Choice Book and counts for the Support Your Local Library Challenge!

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