Monday, March 15, 2010

Devil's Food Cake by Josi Kilpack

4 Stars
Received through Virtual Book Tours

This is actually the third in the series, but, while I wouldn't call it a good stand alone, it wasn't bad reading it without reading the others.  I didn't really feel lost at all, which is always good. :D

And hey, it's another fluffy mystery series, and we all know I just can't pass those up!

The mystery was fun, the story was cute.  I enjoyed it.

It did have a couple of editing inconsistencies, but they weren't too bad.

The only frustration I had, well... it's more of a genre thing than a frustration with this book, you know?  The old battle between "the crazy heroine should listen to the police and stay out of it" and "why aren't the idiot police listening to the heroine who's clearly the only one who knows what's going on????".


And since the heroine is dating one of the cops.... (Which also seems to be a genre thing, but hey.)

But actually, the book worked that out pretty well by the end.  In some ways I think it actually was addressed more head-on here than in most books like it.

Overall it was fun, and some of the recipes in it sound super tasty!

This is for a Virtual Book Tour, but it also counts for the Support Your Local Authors Challenge!!


  1. I really need to read one of hers! (Added your review to my challenge roundup list.)

  2. Thanks, Suey! I totally forgot to let you know... good thing you keep track! :D