Thursday, April 1, 2010

March in Review

It's April!  Holy cow!  Mother Nature totally missed the memo, though.  There's a freakish amount of snow outside.

So, in March...

Books read-- 10

1/2 of those were Nancy Drew.... wow.

Nancy Drew-- 5 read
Take Another Chance-- 0 read
Support Your Local Library-- 9 read
Support Your Local Authors-- 1 read
Shelf Discovery Challenge-- 0 read (I think this one is almost over... which totally means I'm going to fail...)
Reader's Choice-- 3 read (Only a month left and I've only read a few.... blast.)
Virtual Book Tour books-- 1 this month
Book Club Books-- nope.  Still haven't even started March's book.  Shame on me.

I promise, I'll start reading again at some point.  Really I will.  I've just gotta get to the point where I'm not falling asleep constantly.  :D


  1. Great job + plus you had a baby in March so it was a great month.

  2. :D
    The baby would be why so many of those are Nancy Drew books.