Monday, May 24, 2010

Dave Barry's History of the Millenium (So Far)

By Dave Barry... Naturally. ;)
5 stars

So, I don't get the newspaper.  My news consumption comes from perusing the headlines on my MSN homepage (which is why I know that Justin whatever-his-name-is threw a Twitter tantrum, and a lady in Canada is trying to sue her wireless company for breaking up her marriage-- I'm not kidding), from the hour or more of ESPN on in my house everyday (anyone else sick to freaking death of hearing about Lebron?) and things posted on Facebook (which is why I know that there's a place in California that has made Happy Meals illegal).

Oh, and from links my cousin gives me, which is how I know fruits and veggies cause ADHD.  (Okay, so it's a pesticide on them, not the fruits and veggies themselves...)

And generally, that's enough.  I'm not at all bothered about not getting the paper.

UNTIL it's time for Dave Barry's "year in review" columns.  LOVE THOSE!!

This man is a genius.  Really.  (And I don't say that about just anyone.)

In this volume we have Dave Barry's history of the previous millenium, in which we learn that pretty much everything has something to do with Easter Island.  (But I alread knew that, since it's the capital of the world.  Or at least it was in high school according to my friend, the Queen of the World.  I was her Secretary of the Interior... or something.  I told you, I'm a nerd.  I have now been promoted from Sec. of Interior to Queen of my own little nerd-dom.... I'll stop now.)

Following the uber-fabulous history of the earlier millenium, we have his columns from 2000-2006, minus 2001, in which year he didn't write one, and you really can't blame him.

If you've never read one of these columns, you've GOT to remedy that.  They are HILARIOUS!!

In fact, you should go read Dave Barry's 2009 Year in Review right now.  No, really, you should.  I'll wait....


Done?  See what I mean?  The man's a genius.

And thank heavens for the internet, which allows me to bookmark his Year in Review since I don't have a paper copy to save.

I TOLD you I'm a nerd.  You keep not believing me.  :)

I think I need to buy this one... then when my newspaper copies of the ones I have turn yellow and fall apart, I'm not out of luck.  :D

Counts for the Support Your Local Library Challenge!

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