Monday, May 3, 2010

Ni'il The Awakening by James Boyle

3 Stars
R- 2.5
Source- Copy provided by author/publisher for Virtual Book Tours

The bookmark says "dark fantasy" which is not a classification I've ever heard of, but it kind of fits.  I'd call it a paranormal thriller-- think Criminal Minds crossed with X-Files.  Or something like that.

My biggest problem with it-- bad editing.  I may have an ARC, I'm not actually sure.  Sometimes they don't say.  But one way or another, it needed polish.  Character names changed, among other things.  Definitely enough to be a distraction.

It was a good story, though.  Started out a bit slow, but it was interesting.

It is kinda creepy in a paranormal way-- X-Files creepy, you know?  Except instead of aliens and government conspiracies, you have Native American shaman spirits wreaking havoc on the Oregon coast.

While a huge storm heads in.... knocking out the power and causing a whole lot of trouble also.

This is the beginning of a trilogy, and be warned there's not a huge amount of resolution.  I really couldn't stand alone.  Well, okay, I guess it could, but readers would be ticked to be left like that without another book coming. ;)

If you like slightly creepy paranormal-type stories, give this a try.  :D

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