Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short Circus by Stephen V. Masse

3.5 stars
Copy provided for review through Virtual Book Tours

Excellent voice.  Absolutely sounds like a boy telling you about his summer.  (He's supposed to be 12, but I think he comes across a little younger.)

The only problem?  It was too realistic! lol  I spend all day listening to kids!

I felt like not much happened, but then I'm a boring grown-up.  To a kid, the things that happen are big things!

For boys in the range of 8-12 or 13, I think this would be a great pick!  I don't think young girls would be interested, though.  :)

If you've got sons, grandsons or other boys that age to buy gifts for, I'd seriously consider this one for the next celebration that comes up!  Or maybe as a great back-to-school gift in a couple months!

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