Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Affinity Bridge by George Mann

5 stars
R- 0

Okay, admittedly, this book had a bit of an identity crisis, but at the same time-- it was a lot of fun!

Part steampunk (well, okay, totally steampunk), part horror (think I Am Legend, only not as dumb as the movie), part paranormal.... and all mystery, this was a fun, if tangled, jaunt.

I quite enjoyed the main characters-- Sir Newbury and Miss Hobbes, as well as Charles Bainbridge.

And, fabulously, there is a sequel coming out in mere weeks!  Woohoo!

Really just a fun fun book.  Excellent vacation read, I'd say.

It does feel a bit confusing at first, as one tries to figure out how on earth such disparate story lines are ever going to weave together, but don't worry, they do.\

There are also a few points where the wording gets a bit old (really, you don't need to use the same description every time!) but it's not too bad.  And the story in engaging enough that you don't notice so much.  :)

Counts for the Support Your Local Library and Reader's Choice challenges!

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