Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Reading Saturdays!-- Kids Books For Review

My kids LOVE it when we get picture books for review!!  We've gotten a few in the last little while, so here are our (mini) reviews.

Pele, King of Soccer
While I loved the cool swirly illustrations, they're a little hard for small children to see what's going on.  Boo was entertained enough to sit through it, but Mister wandered off in the middle of it.  It's not bad, but I'd say it's better for slightly older audiences-- say 4 and up or something.  Overall.... I think the kids could take it or leave it.

The First Pup
Again, I LOVE the illustrations.  They're hilarious.  As for the text, not bad, but it could have been simpler.  There's a lot more about the inauguration and stuff like that than you need for the story of how the dog got to the White House.  Boo and Mister like the pictures, but I don't know that they really cared for the text.  I think they'd rather just look at this one than read it.

A while back we got our first Pinkalicious book-- which both kids loved.  Especially Boo!!  So she was SUPER excited when 2 more showed up in the mail.

Both of these were lots of fun-- Tickled Pink is about a joke book and a "laugh-off", which Boo thought was hilarious and School Rules! is about taking Goldilicious (her unicorn) to school one day.  School, unicorns and all things pink, what more could you ask for?!

These 2 were VERY VERY much enjoyed by both kids.


  1. We loved the Pele one too! If you want, you could link this post up to my Kid Konnection feature -

  2. Thanks, Julie! I popped over and added my link!