Thursday, August 26, 2010

Author Spotlight-- Sandra Boynton

Okay, I know we've talked about Sandra Boynton before, but it's like Mo Willems.... I can't stop talking about great books!!

This is the lates we've picked up at the library-- and it is HILARIOUS!  Holy cow.  Sooooo funny.  And Boo and Mister love it.  In fact, I should do a video of Mister reading it.  Oh my gosh.  Cracks me up.

You can even download the song online: (Along with some of her others.)

Sandra Boynton Songs

It's hysterical.

Then of course, there's What's Wrong, Little Pookie?

I really think every parent needs this one.  I mean, sure, the kids like it too, but really, it's for the parents.  It is one of my absolute favorites.

Blue Hat, Green Hat, though, has got to be the one I've loved the longest.

This is one my mom has, and I think I read it to my younger siblings.  I KNOW I read it to Boo before we had any of Boynton's other books. 

The ending is priceless.

So, what's YOUR favorite Boynton book?!?


  1. Ooh, we do love Sandra Boynton books, and the Bibliophile took to them even as an infant. (She does have a couple that we really don't like, but most are great). We love Moo, Baa, Lalala and the Going to Bed Book. Also Doggies. Oh, and the Bellybutton Book totally cracks me up, but the Bibliophile never liked it (maybe he would now, though).

  2. Thanks for this post!

    Bill ;-)
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    and forthcoming "The Homeplace Revisited" Spring 2011

  3. Infant Bibliophile-- I don't know if we've read Doggies. We should . :) Hippos Go Berserk is another great one!

    Dr. Bill-- Thanks for dropping by!